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Written by Kendall Horn
Posted on February 15, 2021

As a trucker, you face many unique challenges when you’re on the road. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of apps that can help you overcome these challenges.

Whether you want a GPS app to find the nearest rest stop, a calorie counter to manage your diet, or an Uber-like app that matches truckers with brokers to book freight, there’s an app for you. 

With that in mind, here are the top 19 trucker apps. 

Navigational Apps for Truckers

Best Trucker GPS App

1. Trucker Path

Trucker Path app logo

The Trucker Path app has over a million downloads and is the best trucker GPS app out there. Its well-designed user interface and real-time navigation set it apart from similar apps.

Use Trucker Path to plan out your trip, and it’ll let you know what truck stops, weigh stations, truck washes, and other significant locations are near you as you travel along your route. The app also has a forum where you can get advice from other truckers.

If you’re willing to pay for one of the premium versions, you can get several other cool features. 

For example, the diamond version lets you set your desired hours of service (HOS) and will adjust your route accordingly.  

Navigation on the best GPS app for truckers, Trucker Path
Location finder on the best GPS app for truckers, Trucker Path

Unique Feature: The app tells users if parking is available at a given location or if a weigh station is open. 

Cost: There is a free version, a gold version that costs $9.99 monthly, and a diamond version that costs $29.99 monthly.

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 61.1k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 3.8 stars with 50.5k ratings

2. Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools app logo

Trucker Tools is a free trucker GPS app with many of the same features found on Trucker Path. Whether you’re looking for a Walmart, travel center, or something else, Trucker Tools will let you know the closest location. 

Trucker Tools also has a platform that will show truckers nearby freight opportunities, allowing them to book freight anytime and anywhere.

Overall, Trucker Path is a more complete app, but both have tons of useful features. 

The most significant difference between Trucker Tools and Trucker Path is that Trucker Tools doesn’t provide real-time GPS navigation. It merely provides a list of directions to get you from point A to point B. 

GPS navigation on the trucker app, Trucker Tools
Point of interest on the trucker app, Trucker Tools

Unique feature: Trucker Tools will show you the nearest location where you can receive medical care. Hopefully, you don’t have to use this feature, but it’s certainly useful if you need it.

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.3 stars with 758 ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.1 stars with 2.8k ratings

Best Repair Service App

3. Find Truck Service

Find Truck Service app logo

Unfortunately, breakdowns happen to everyone, even with proper maintenance. Find Truck Service has a database with thousands of repair shops. Use the app to locate and call the repair service closest to you.

Find Truck Service search menu

Unique Feature: Find Truck Service is different from other trucker apps because it allows you to look for specific repair services. For example, if you have a breakdown on the road, you can search for a repair service under the mobile repair category. 

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 69 ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.4 stars with 88 ratings

4. Waze

Waze app logo

Waze isn’t a GPS app built specifically for truck drivers, but it’s one of the most popular GPS apps in the world. It does an excellent job of crowd-sourcing traffic information to provide route optimizations that get you to your destination faster.

Unique Feature: Millions of people use Waze, meaning it’s likely to provide you the best traffic updates of any app on this list.  

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.9 stars with 2.7 million ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.4 stars with 8.8 million ratings

5. Weather on the way

Weather on the way app logo

Once you input your starting point, destination, and departure time, this app will tell you what weather to expect along the way. It shows multiple routes, allowing you to pick a new route if one route has particularly rough weather.

Unique Feature: Instead of having to determine when you’ll be at a certain city and searching for the weather at that time, this app will tell you when you’ll reach a certain city and what the weather will be at that time.

Cost: The first five trips are free and after that it costs $2.99 monthly or $16.99 yearly

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 335 ratings

6. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel app logo

If you want a free alternative to Weather on the Way, The Weather Channel App is a great choice. Get the daily forecast anywhere you’re driving and use the app’s radar to see where bad weather is headed.  

You can also set up alerts that will notify you of severe weather events occurring near you.

Unique Feature: In addition to the basic weather-related info you’d expect, the app will let you know the UV index, mosquito index, air pollution levels, and more.

Cost: You can use the free version or get the Premium version for $4.99 a month.

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 2.7 million ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.5 stars with 43.4k ratings

Best App for Fleet Management

7. KeepTruckin Driver

KeepTruckin Driver app logo

This app helps owner-operators manage their fleets. Its features include electronic logs, driver coaching, GPS tracking, IFTA fuel tax reporting, Wifi hotspots, and much more. 

If you’re a data-driven owner-operator that wants to optimize your business’ workflow and cost efficiency, this is the app for you. 

Unique Feature:  Driver coaching uses data from an AI-powered dashcam to improve driving habits. This feature can significantly decrease maintenance costs and accidents for a fleet.

Cost: Varies, depending on what features you want and the size of your fleet

Rating on the App Store: 4.5 stars with 6.9k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.3 stars with 26.2k ratings

Trucker Apps to Cut Costs and Save Time

8. Weigh my Truck

Weigh My Truck app logo

Weigh my Truck allows you to weigh your truck at a CAT scale (and pay) without exiting your truck. You go to a CAT scale, open up the app, and pull onto the scale when instructed. 

Then, your truck’s weight will appear on the app and it will email you a copy of the weigh ticket. You can email your weigh ticket to four other people.

Unique Feature: Pay to weigh your truck without leaving your cab.

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 3.4 stars with 116 ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.2 with 1.4k ratings

9. Drivewyze

App logo for Drivewyze, one of the best trucker apps to save time at weigh stations

Drivewyze is a trucker app that will save you time and money by allowing you to bypass over 800 weigh stations in 47 states. The app will notify you when you’re within two miles of a weigh station (regardless of whether the station supports bypassing with Drivewyze).

If the weigh station is a Drivewyze supported location, it will tell you to bypass the weigh station or pull in, depending on your carrier safety score. 

Drivewyze app response as drivers approach a weigh station

Unique Feature: Drive-by participating weigh stations.

Cost: 30-day free trial and then $17.99 monthly

Rating on the App Store: 3.6 stars with 79 ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4 stars with 1.4k ratings

Best App for Gas

10. GasBuddy

GasBuddy app logo

Gas is one of the largest operating costs for truckers. GasBuddy reduces this expense by rewarding its users with “GasBack” when they use the app to shop at big-name stores like Home Depot, Walmart, and Petco. 

You can also report gas prices in the app to get points (which can be used to get free gas). Lastly, GasBuddy will show you the lowest gas prices near you. 

GasBuddy GasBack rewards at businesses such as Nike and Home Depot
GasBuddy gas price comparisons

Unique Feature: Receive discounts at the pump for shopping at major retailers.  

Cost: You can use the free version or get the premium version for $9.99 monthly.

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 373k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.4 stars with 794k ratings

11. Pilot Flying J App

Pilot Flying J app logo

Pilot Flying J is the largest travel center chain in North America, with over 750 locations in the US and Canada. Consequently, if you were going to download a single travel center app, theirs would probably be the one to download. The app provides users with daily deals, gas discounts, and more.

Unique Feature: Reserve a parking spot or a shower before you arrive at a Pilot Flying J Location.

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 27.7k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.3 stars with 34.4k ratings

12. Allstays

Allstays app logo

Allstays is an app that lets users search for a truck stop/travel center with specific amenities. The app is only available on the App Store, but Android users can purchase Allstays Pro, which gives them access to the same tools through Allstays’ website. 

Allstays regularly updates their travel center database, making it one of the most accurate databases out there.

Unique Feature: Unlike other trucker apps, Allstays allows users to filter their truck stop searches based on specific amenities: showers, internet, ATMs, and more.

Cost: $9.99 on the App Store or $30 for Allstays Pro

Rating on the App Store: 4.3 stars with 217 ratings

Health and Entertainment Apps for Truckers

13. SoundCloud

SoundCloud app logo

SoundCloud is a podcast and music app with a nearly infinite amount of content. Download SoundCloud, and you’ll always have something to listen to while you’re driving.

Unique Feature: SoundCloud is a great app but it doesn’t do anything particularly unique.

Cost: Free version or upgrade to a paid version that costs between $4.99 and $12.99 monthly. 

Rating on the  App Store: 4.5 stars with 146k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.5 stars with 4.6 million ratings

14. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio app logo

iHeartRadio is a streaming app similar to SoundCloud. It has a ton of music, podcasts, and other content. If you pay for the premium version, you can even download your favorite content and listen offline. 

Unique Feature: iHeartRadio allows you to listen to live radio stations.

Cost: Free version or a paid version that is $9.99 (web or Android) or $12.99 (iOS) monthly

Rating on the App Store: 4.8 stars with 492k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.6 stars with 2.2 million ratings

15. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle app logo

If you ever have difficulty sleeping while you’re on the road, this app can likely improve your sleep quality. The Sleep Cycle app tracks your sleep habits and has features to help you fall asleep easier. 

The Sleep Cycle app tells you about your sleep quality and what improves it or makes it worse.
The Sleep Cycle app will tell you all about your sleep each night.

Unique Feature: Sleep Cycle’s alarm clock will wake you up during a light stage of your sleep cycle, ensuring you’ll feel refreshed in the morning.

Cost: Free version or $29.99 yearly for the premium version

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 279k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.4 stars with 127k ratings

16. Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary app logo

Keeping a healthy diet is incredibly difficult when on the road. The Calorie Counter app makes it easy to track your diet and develop healthy habits. Set weight goals, and Calorie Counter will tell you how you can reach those goals.

Additionally, the app has hundreds of delicious recipes and will recommend recipes that fit your diet. Like many of the apps on our list, this isn’t necessarily a trucker app, but it’s a great app for truckers.

Calorie tracker on the Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary app.
Barcode scanner on the Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary app.

Unique Feature: Use the app’s barcode scanner to get nutritional information and a “food-grade” for various foods.

Cost: Free version or $60 annually for the premium version

Rating on the App Store: 4.8 stars with 61k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.6 stars with 42k ratings

Other Apps for Truckers

17. CDL Prep

CDL Prep app logo

The CDP prep app is geared towards new truck drivers that are working on getting their CDL. It’s a great study tool for the CDL knowledge exam. If you’re looking to finance your first truck or grow your fleet, check out this guide to equipment financing.

The CDL prep app has over 500 questions on 8 CDL-related topics.
Use practice mode to get instant feedback and learn the things you don't know.

Unique Feature: Many of the practice questions on this app are straight from the CDL knowledge exam.  

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.7 stars with 1.3k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.8 stars with 2.4k ratings

18. Drive Axle

Drive Axle app logo

When you’re on the road, there aren’t many convenient ways to share business-related documents. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem, thanks to Drive Axle. Drive Axle is a document scanner that makes it easy for truckers to send high-quality pictures of important documents from their phone.

Unique Feature: Drive Axle’s image enhancement software consistently produces crisp document scans, even in the poor lighting conditions truckers face.  

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4 stars with 75 ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.2 stars with 1.3k ratings

19. Truckloads & Freight

This app is a platform where owner-operators can find freight. You can sort freight by the type of trailer required and see broker credit scores. Use broker credit scores to book freight with high-quality brokers.

Truckloads & Freight in-app Image

Unique Feature: In addition to finding freight on the Truckloads and Freight app, you can book freight on a laptop or desktop. 

Cost: Free

Rating on the App Store: 4.6 stars with 1.7k ratings

Rating on the Play Store: 4.2 stars with 7.2k ratings

In Conclusion

That’s the end of our list of the 19 best trucker apps. Help others find the app they’ve been looking for by sharing this post on social media, and let us know if you try any of the apps on the list!

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